Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leah's 3rd Birthday!

Leah's 3rd Birthday was last Saturday the 16th. We had a party at my parent's house with family and a few friends. I cant believe my baby is three already, time has gone by so fast. I've had requests to see these pics so beware there are a lot of them. I figured this was my last chance to have all the say about her party. I'm sure next year she will have her own ideas about what she I enjoyed all the preparations. I decided to do an L party (L is for Leah).

Here's the cake I spent 2.5 hours decorating...aah, what was I thinking? My back hurt so bad after that. The things I do for my kids. It was 4 layers, lemon and chocolate alternating, with cream cheese was pretty yummy.
I made sugar cookie L's as give-aways, Leah helped me decorate them. They were in little bags, cute. Why do I love silly things like this? I made a bunch of L's to decorate with, and also used her latest studio pictures.
Here's the table spread. If you havent noticed, the colors are orange and turquoise. We had balloons all over with paper L's on them.

I made paper garlands, my new favorite thing....they are mass cute.

The food/treats all started with L. So I made "lollipops" which were brownie balls and rice krispie balls. There was also, lemon heads, licorice, lemon bars, layered dip, and lemonade.

I expreimented with fondant for the first time. It was not as hard as I always thought. The letters and small flowers are fondant.

Alicia had a great idea for a the glasses on Leah. It turned out to be really fun, and Leah thought it was pretty funny, although she didnt want to play. (she's shy you know) I had to put this pic in because I dont even really look pregnant in it...although I am due a week later.
So here's what we were trying to accomplish.
All the kids waiting in line, smallest to tallest.
The big kid who finished the game off, he totally missed it.
What the picture ended up looking like. Funny.
This one shows my belly a bit better, and Marks too....sympathy weight gain on his part.
Just a semi nice picture of the two of us. too bad we forgot to get a picture with Leah. So there was the party. I was relieved to have it over. Now I am ready for the baby to come any day now.


monica said...

natalie!! so great!! it looks so cute, like seriously, you should be a party planner or something:)i love the cake, and it sounds like it was delicious, and i love the color choices. so fun. and those yuen lui pics cute. i love the one where she is holding the 3 fingers. i wish i could have skyped longer.

monica said...

oh and i like the pic of you and mark.

i like his new glasses. oh and good job the both of you wearing party colors.

merebuff said...

Natalie, you are so incredibly talented! Great job on the party. So sad that I am so far away.

American Homemaker said...

Everything looks great :)

Anonymous said...

What a super fun party!!! Oh, how time fly's!!! I think I want you to throw a party for me. The cake was so cute!! I hope to see you guys and the new baby this summer.

jennycooks said...

I wish we lived closer to you - we would hire you as our permanent party planner! You are a fun mom, and everything turned out so great. By the way, your new baby girl is beautiful! Congrats!