Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10 on 10: Lisa

We made it home to Ohio Monday night about midnight. So today we are still in vacation recovery mode. Not terribly pretty or exciting - but here's our day. 

8:15 - Had to get Clancy up to make it in time for his feeding/occupational therapy appointment this morning. The rest of the crew slept until close to 10. Dreamy. 

9:20 - on the road

11:15 - done with therapy and enjoying some snacks. 

12:15 - decided we needed to take my van through the car wash. The yellow jackets next door had decided to feast on all the dead bugs we acquired over the course of four days and enjoyed attacking us when we were trying to get things out of the car. Yikes!

1:20 - still trying to get everything out of the van. I spared myself the humiliation of a picture from inside where the kids sat for our trip. Four kids + four days = disgusting (in both look and stink)

2:00 - this is what Zachary has looked/felt like for several days now. Time for a nap. 

3:00 - taking a short break. 

4:30 - much happier after napping. 

5:30 - making dinner. Tonight we had alphabet or zucchini pasta with ground turkey and sauce. It was tasty. 

6:10 - it has rained HARD for most of the afternoon/evening. Good thing I washed my car.

And that was our day. 

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