Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 10 on 10: Stephanie

This girl had me up way too much last night but she sure is cute and come morning, all is forgiven. Back in pjs after a summer of just wearing a diaper to bed (and a sleepsack) - oh, and these pjs on my 7 mo old? They are size 0-3 mo.

Sisters playing with each other while I do a little workout. Rob and Henry were at a father/son campout, it was very strange (but also nice) to have just us girls in the house in the morning.

I enjoyed seeing how June had her toys out while playing. She plays so much with these toys.

My family working hard (I didn't help)

I did this instead: menu planning+nursing. Just as important as the car washing. 

Took this baby grocery shopping - she's new to sitting up in the cart and it's a game changer! Also, she has her first cold (the culprit for keeping her up in the night) and is moody which is unusual for our typically happy baby.

Rob is so good about playing with the kids on Saturdays - I accidentally take an unofficial day off on most Saturdays.

We went to Tucanos for dinner and the baby ate more than the kids. Good thing they were free.

A puzzle at the restaurant helped a little to prevent the climbing and standing on benches. 


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