Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I little late, but I still wanted to share it.

I finally just found the photos from November's 10 on 10!  When I off loaded them from my camera, I couldn't find where the computer saved finally found them!! Yeah.  A little late, but just in time for the next batch of 10 on 10's.

Clara showing her new shirt.  When we spotted it at Target the girls both said it was an Aunt Monica shirt, cause it had an owl and it had gold sparkles!

The girls got to go to a Birthday Party.  They got lots of candy.
 Lunch time, yummy.  Especially after all those treats from the party.


Running errands.

Target shopping!

 Yummy snack at Target.  Clara discovered the popcorn recently, now she asks for it every time we go.....but today I actually said yes!  I thought I would be nice, for the sake of 10 on 10.


 Going crazy at home.  Trying to burn off all the sugar they have had today.

Making my Activity Days reminders to bring to church tomorrow.
Leah insisted on dressing up.
 Leah had to take a shower...but she insisted I took a picture of her foamy cup for 10 on 10.  She was pretty proud she had made so many suds.

Clara was mad about something.  It is a blurry photo, but had to include it cause it is so funny.  I wish I could remember why she was mad.

Hopefully my December 10 on 10 wont be so late!

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Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

so happy you posted! doesnt matter if its late, the point is we get to see a day in the life of the tacher clan.

that IS a monica shirt! Love it. and I love Clara's hair and how you converted the wedding headband into a clip. Smart. and i love that Leah is wearing a wedding headband too. Those headbands were one of my favorite finds for the wedding.

That picture of Leah with lunch-so so pretty!

These girls are so grown up. It makes me sad...and happy of course.

Good job Clara keeping up the asking for popcorn, especially since you asked on the day of 10 on 10

Can't wait to play with those girls.

So fun. Love that they are or seem to be enjoying participating in the 10 on 10 pictures.

Thanks for posting!!