Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10 on 10//MONICA

9am//waking up after a morning "nap" aka after waking with jachen, making his food and taking him to the bus i went back to bed and woke again at 9. Seems glamorous, but I would much rather not be tired and stay awake and get things done.

10am//headed to the gym a little before 10 and stayed there til almost 11. Read from the Ensign and watched some huluplus on my phone.

11amish//after body showering, I got some things done on the computer while eating a Babybel and orange slices

also 11ish//wearing my new boots around the house again today to make sure I like how they fit, oh man, they are like butter

12ish//made a smoothie lunch and headed out to run lots of errands--post office, target, bank, trader joe's

2ish//picked up my many packages from the office, yay!

3ish//watching Practical Magic, a movie I save for October every year.

5ish//after picking up Jachen from the bus stop, we looked at a book on the couch together before I started dinner.

7ish//eating dinner while watching The Sixth Sense, Jachen's first time..though he knew the outcome. Here he is pretending to be scared...though he really was getting nervous during the movie. Steph, it's your favorite movie! ;)

7ish//just a picture of our chicken from Trader Joes with sautéed veggies I made. MMM.

8ish til bed time//watching Project Runway(why the heck is Char still on the show?!?!!) while editing photos of this cute family in our ward I photographed a couple Saturdays ago.

October 10 on 10: Stephanie

My in-laws are in town for this month's 10 on 10!

8am: While Grandpa reads to Henry in the next room I'm able to read my scriptures and eat breakfast. It's awesome having two extra adults in the house!

9am: Zumba!

11am: a walk to BYU's duck pond.

noon: fried food for lunch! Chimichanga at Mountain West Burrito (on our walk home from the duck pond)

1pm: Put baby down for her nap.

2-4pm: decorating for Halloween! Linda, my mother-in-law and decorator extraordinaire, did most of it.
(ps. if you come to my house before Halloween, look for the bats, not the house numbers)

5pm: working on our primary lesson

6pm: picnic in Provo Canyon. I couldn't decide which picture of June and Linda I liked the most!

7pm: dessert

October 10 on 10: Lisa

8:25 - Fall has come to Ohio. So mornings are colder and it's not unusual to have some fog. Today is also Stow's homecoming so Alyssa was supposed to wear the high school colors of burgundy and gold. Not common colors in our closet but we did find yellow socks. I had to sneak this picture as before she left she "wasn't in the mood" for a photo. 

9:00 - Before the twins woke up, I managed to get in a quick workout. This is our typical setup with Colin watching cartoons while I watch the Biggest Loser Bootcamp workout video. Sometimes he helps me out and other times he just tries to tackle and "chase" me. 

9:30 - Sometimes I bribe Colin with cartoons in my bed so I can take a shower. He was really excited about it this morning. 

9:45 - Clancy woke up VERY happy. Both he and Zach create obstacle courses out of most things in the house. Most of the time it is fun. Sometimes getting trapped in weird places and positions isn't quite as fun as getting there. 

10:30 - Breakfast!

11:00 - Wrestlemania! 

1:30 - Colin working at Jacob's office. We went down to meet with Jacob and a financial advisor. Here Colin is explaining how we might retire in 5 years. 

2:45 - As I mentioned before, fall is here. These two pictures are just around the corner from our house. 

5:00 - First dinner. On the menu: pumpkin with cinnamon. I sometimes wonder if their taste for cinnamon is related to being born the week after Thanksgiving. I did have pumpkin pie for breakfast everyday that week. 

6:45 - Second dinner. Jacob brought this home for me. I love gyros and this one is HUGE! Definitely not on the Biggest Loser plan but a little treat once in a while  is well worth it. Yum!

A quick brag about my husband - featured in this quarter's Medill magazine. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10 on 10: Lisa

About 1:30 a.m.  Didn't have any intention of starting the 10 this early, but this guy got sick and ended up in bed with us for a bit. 

9:00 - left for a doctors appointment while Jacob was feeding the twins. They both LOVE anything with cinnamon. In this case they're eating oatmeal and pears with cinnamon. 

10:00 - seeing a hand specialist for my wrist. Unfortunately, it still is giving me several problems. 

11:00 - still waiting but am getting a chance to study in detail the anatomy of the wrist. 

Between 10 and 12: Jacob watched the boys while I was at the doctor's office. While I was out our new furniture came - the server and 6 of these dining chairs. Sooo excited!

12:30 - home (finally) from the doctor. Colin can't make up his mind if he wants to be a "big boy" or a baby again. He regretted this choice the moment he wanted out. 

1:30 - Zachary could barely fight off sleep at this point. He failed about 2 minutes later. 

2:30 - hanging out with Clancy while the other boys sleep. Watch out ladies, he's already laying on the charm pretty thick!

3:30 - This guy is getting to be a pretty good sitter. 

About 4:30 we went under a tornado warning and about 5:25 it was heading right over our city, so we took shelter in the basement. A tornado touched down in a nearby neighborhood and damaged several places including ripping part of the roof off a house and splintering/downing several trees. Don't worry, Alyssa won't let a little tornado get in the way of her style. 

Colin, "the blur," showing a trick on his scooter. 

The novelty has worn off. The Natives are starting to get restless in their restricted quarters. 

While we were home riding scooters and eating fruit snacks in the basement,  Jacob was stuck in this mess. Ugh! 

Here is the house nearby that was hit. My friend who lives on the next block sent the photo to me. Way too close for my taste, but grateful no one was hurt. 

A rather dramatic end to the day but grateful we are all now home and safe.