Friday, March 13, 2015

March 10 on 10: Lisa

The past few weeks have been full of under-the-weather boys and parents. Everyone has a bad cough and Zach and Clancy both have ear infections. Needless to say it's been fun. Thankfully everyone seems to be mostly on the mend. 

9:00 - Jacob is home from work this morning because we need to go in to register his car later. This mean two things- I got to sleep in and he got to cuddle with Zachary. 

12:00 ish - His temp plates until the title transfers. Then we can all go and do this again. No pictures allowed inside unfortunately. 

1:00 - Colin is still feeling pretty yucky. Too bad he used up his nap on the ride home. 

1:30 - Zachy loves selfies

2:00 - Clancy read on one of the more coveted seats in the house. 

2:30 - Clancy is also an avid climber these days. 

3:30ish - Zachary lost his pants during his nap. 

Later today we took Alyssa to her last basketball practice and had a short dance party before bed. Unfortunately those pictures seem to have been lost to these gems I found later. 

Overall, a pretty typical day. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 10 on 10: Stephanie

Hallelujah, it's March! January and February, my least favorite months, are behind us.

8am: Just finished my run at the Smith Fieldhouse at BYU. My first in three weeks (I was resting my knee)

9am: A nice text from my mom, it's nice to know exactly when she's thinking of us:) I had been looking up the weather for the city Rob will be in next week for a conference. Cold!

10am: In the waiting room for the doctor I went to go see about my knee (that didn't get better from being rested)

Noon: Reading at the park while kids play

1pm: The goal for the walk to the park was actually to get June to fall asleep on the way back.

2pm: Quiet time for Henry on my bed while I do laundry next to him. 

3pm: Popcorn is popping on our apricot tree! Our apricot tree is also buzzing, I'd say there are about 200 busy bees enjoying the blossoms. We must be the only blossoming tree in the neighborhood for this many bees to care.

also 3pm: checking on our (safe to humans) ant bait

also 3pm: getting the last fruit snack out of the wrapper

7pm: fun night with ladies from church. I learned how to make fried rice, pineapple horchata and a couple plantain dishes from a sister from Panama.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 10 on 10: Lisa

I was looking back at last February's post and realized what a difference a year makes! It also made me grateful to have these snippets of life to be able to look back and see those differences. Thanks Steph for continuing on with me.

8:00 - Ready for school and sporting the new Zips t-shirt from her dad. 

9:00 - Making "baby muffins" consisting of oat flour, bananas, squash puree, and cinnamon. Its a bit strange as all three boys are still asleep. For too quiet.

As a side note, these are two of my favorite kitchen things: vitamix and All Clad measuring cups/spoons.

10:00 - Back on the potty train

11:00 - This kid slept until 10:45. Maybe he's growing?? Baby muffins are a big hit. Zachy ate 3, Colin ate 4 and even Clancy ate 2. Too bad I didn't make a larger batch.

12:00 - The sun came out and even Harley is trying to soak up some Vitamin D and have a few sips of juice. Zachary isn't too sure he likes this strange light coming through the windows.

1:00 - When all else fails, the couch always seems to become the preferred playground.

2:00 - Everyday I take a photo of what Clancy has eaten PO (by mouth) or through his G-tube. This is obviously yesterday's, but now I have a photo and can erase and fill in for today. This helps me to keep track of his eating patterns as well as his calorie consumption. 

3:00 - While the other boys  napped, Clancy had some more to eat. This is our current set up for downstairs. He likes to watch Curious George to help pass the time it takes for his formula to finish. This week is also Feeding Tube Awareness week. The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation has a fantastic piece with some feeding tube basics.

I'd encourage you to look through it and see if you have any questions.

4:00 - Evidence that the Feeding Tube has been a great decision for us to help Clancy with his nutritional needs. The kid is as "normal" as they get, just about ready to walk and getting into everything with the help of his brothers. 

Later in the day we had Basketball practice, grocery shopping and all sorts of other adventures which I forgot to take pictures of, but so it is. Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10 on 10: Stephanie

We met Henry's friend for a play date at this amazing indoor play area in Provo's Rec Center. Lisa, I thought of you while we were there. This place is free! And amazing. I was sad for you that you don't have something like this in your town after our discussion of your winter of being trapped indoors.

Stopped by the grocery store just to buy cereal but came upon this happy find. It's to the freezer with you!

I let the kids watch a show so I could get some work done.

Whenever I vacuum Henry has to play "try to get me!"

Sorry about this one. Mold and hair that might not be mine are two of the most disgusting things to me, so not vomiting while cleaning our bathtub's jet thingies was my day's greatest success.

Rocking June after she woke up. If I can keep Henry occupied elsewhere in the house then I do this to help her get about 30 min more sleep (while I'm on Pinterest or reading a book on my phone). 

Finished up the tub, I finally trust that it's clean so I might even take a bath in it.

Prepping Dinner. They think they have to be in this room with me most evenings, never mind the playroom full of toys or the other rooms that must be more fun than this. This is not a mid-action shot either, Henry was just lazily laying on the ball and June was looking at her toes. Kids.

Making wheel noodles to hopefully encourage Henry to eat dinner... and that near empty plate is proof that it worked! (lot's of successes today, I guess!)

And did I mention I'm wearing polka dot pants today? (ps., I'm proud that I fit into these pants that only fit when I'm at my skinniest, but this is also a skinny mirror. pps. tip of the day: get a skinny mirror for your bedroom)

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 10 on 10: Lisa

7:19 am - trying to will myself out of bed. This didn't motivate me. 

9:30 - at the vet for a follow-up visit for Harley. She's good and healthy now. 

10:30 - enjoying a quick trip to Target. Alyssa chose this spot for the picture. 

11:30 - finally fell asleep after fighting it for several grouchy minutes. (Zachary)

12:30 - Lunch 

2:00ish - saying good-bye to the jumper and Exercauser from the family room. Sad but exciting at the same time. 

4:30 - our empty looking space now. But it's clean and vacuumed for once. Yay! Colin also was riding his "skateboard".

5:30 - practicing walking. Both are getting very close!

6:30 - plumbing. Fixing the second handle in two months. One more bathroom to go. Maybe next month :).