Friday, September 11, 2015

September 10 on 10: Lisa

Today was mostly spent at home, taking care of sick kids. So not exciting - but here's our day.

7:00: The aftermath of an all-nighter comforting two sick toddlers. I hate back-to-school germs.

8:00: Clancy motivating me to get the pack-n-plays put away

Alyssa all ready for school. She's in 3rd grade now!!!

9:00: Jacob took Colin to his preschool class open house. You wouldn't guess it by the picture, but he is REALLY excited to go.

12:23: Finally down for a nap.We'll see how long this lasts.

1:00: Washing the walls from where we removed the wallpaper borders in the downstairs bathroom. This would feel more triumphant if it weren't for the fancy sponge painting we found underneath. Guess it's time to paint. Any color suggestions out there?

2:00: We are experimenting with ABC Mouse. Colin likes the learning part, but he REALLY likes the shopping for rewards part, especially when you can get new clothes for your own personal avatar. Strange for a 3 year old I think, but he is his father's son.

3:00: FINALLY potty trained (but still prefers to hang out without pants).

4:00: A  blurry Zachary, feeling a bit better and refusing to wear a shirt. At least it saves me on laundry.

We were supposed to go to soccer practice, but Colin came down with the same bug as the twins. Oh well. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10 on 10: Stephanie

I'm annoyed that it looks light outside this window. It's actually still a little dark and I'm awake to go tele-walking with Alicia. I'm excited for summer to be over, not excited that it will now be dark when I wake.

Bread dough rising in the warmest spot in the house.

Fitting in a board game before preschool.

What's important is that she thinks she's helping. I love when she wants to wear her snow boots - so cute.

June's first day of mommy school! Painting rocks RED.

Finished loaves. My most uniform batch yet, although they stayed in a little too long and browned more than usual.

Helping me prep for "Friday Camp" (playgroup)

Date night macaron from the farmer's market.

Date night calzone from the food truck roundup.

Letting the sprinkler get them.

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 10 on 10: Lisa

This month we were traveling through the Midwest and had just finished our time visiting with the Nylands and seeing Nauvoo. Next stop: St. Louis. I didn't take a lot of pictures of our car disaster, but so instead will take you down a bit of memory lane and then share some of our pictures of the day.

When I was around 6, we went as a family to St. Louis, where both of my dad's parents were born and raised. My grandfather's sister and her husband (Aunt May and Uncle Bill) were having their 50th anniversary celebration and so it turned into a mini family reunion. While I don't remember everything, my experiences there are some of my favorite memories of my dad's side of the family. So, I was excited to share some of the places we went with my little family now.

Memories include:

The big reception/party for Aunt May and Uncle Bill.
     This is most of us minus my Uncle John, who must have been taking the picture.

     My parents

     Dancing with my dad.

We visited the Botanical Gardens

The Arch (which I went to the top with my dad)

The zoo

Anheuser-Busch where we saw the Clydesdales and smelled the brewery
 I think this is the school or church my grandpa attended

We fished

 Played with cousins

 It's a very happy memory for me.

The family, from l-r: cousin Jennifer, Great Uncle Bill, cousin Rebecca, Aunt Kathy, my sister Sarah, Great Aunt May (in the red coat), my Dad, my mom, me, Uncle John, Grandpa Rayko and Grandma Rayko.

So, we managed to get into St. Louis around noon, only to discover that the majority of the park around the Arch has been dug up and is under construction. So, this is what we saw:

12:30ish-4:30ish: View of the Arch from where we hiked across downtown to buy tickets.

One side of the base was open. When we become a family band, this can be our album cover.

Underneath, the museum was closed due to construction, but you could pretend to be a park ranger. Colin was especially enamored by the rangers.

Lots of construction and chain link, but it is still a pretty impressive thing to see, even if it wasn't quite what I had envisioned our trip looking like.

The riverboat tour was also closed - not because of construction - but because the river was too high.

6:30 - we ended the day by visiting Jacob's friend, Alison, from graduate school. She and her husband live in St. Louis near Washington University. They have 3 kids, including a set of twin girls. A fun way to end the day.

Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10 on 10: Stephanie

Today was a special (boring) 10 on 10 because today was the last day of our road trip. We were going to split up today's drive home from Omaha into two days, but we were anxious to get home so we did 14 hours today. I'm glad we did, because it wasn't that bad (felt like 8 hours to me) and had we stopped in Cheyenne like we had planned, we would have been there by late-afternoon and we didn't need to be there that long.

We had SUCH a good trip. Staying with the Farrars was the best - the cousin bonding was priceless and we loved being in their home, visiting sites, and spending the 4th of July holiday with them. Visiting Nauvoo with them was really really cool, we all want to go back someday... in 10 years when it's more age appropriate for the kids. Even though the drive was long and I don't want to turn around and do it again any time soon, that part was fun too! I really loved our hotel nights, hanging out and jumping on beds with kids, not having to fight Henry to stay in his bed all night (because we let him sleep with us), and even sleeping in most mornings (for Rob and I, the kids got less sleep than normal). It was fun family bonding. The kids did awesome in the car, considering what we put them through. We got home and gave each other high fives because it felt like we had accomplished a big task and that we did it as a team!

6am: when I saw these two sleeping I started to doubt our decision for an all day/early start drive, knowing they weren't going to wake on their own AND that, therefore, I could have slept in another hour or so. 

7am: watching a show already

9am: looks similar to 7am, except that they're out of their pjs

11am: using the notebooks Aunt Lisa got for all the kids for our road trip
noon: she was sad, a snack and holding mom's hand helped.

1pm: rest stop playground

2am: best.


5pm: 9 states later and we're back!

7pm: Driving through Provo canyon. Honestly, of all the states we drove through and all the landscape we saw, Provo canyon beats them all in beauty (rivaled only by Colorado's Veil, we thought). And it's a 20 minute drive from my house.