Friday, July 11, 2014

July 10 on 10: Lisa

This month's post comes to you from the beautiful state of Oregon where my family all lives. The kids and I are still on vacation after spending the past couple of weeks driving west and playing with Jacob's family.  Poor Jacob had to go back to Ohio on Tuesday for work but I drove us down to Oregon where we can relax before we head back at the end of the month. I didn't do a great job of capturing each hour but you'll get the gist of it anyway. 

Morning: eating a tasty breakfast. 

Later that morning: In the past week Zachary has learned how to roll all the way over. He is best going to his left and he tends to get stuck in places. Here he is stuck under his play chair. 

Early afternoon: my mom and I ran some errands with all the boys to pick up some school clothes tax free and some things at Costco.  I was pricing Pull Ups because a certain toddler in our house is ready to try out the big boy potty when we get home!!!! Yay!!!!

Afternoon: Colin was so tired after Costco that he couldn't quite make it to his own bed. 

Afternoon: Alyssa has made friends with Angie who lives down the street. Here they are taking a break from the heat to pick a movie on Netflix. They wisely chose "Super Buddies".

Afternoon: Zachary and Sarah are also enjoying "Super Buddies".

Evening: I somehow hurt my wrist as we were leaving Seattle. Wearing this silly thing seems to help. Let's hope this will be short lived. 

Evening: Clancy cut two teeth in one night. I guess he resented Zachary beating him to his first tooth. (He also seemed to resent sleeping and eating today, but that's a different story.)

Evening: Colin insisted On sleeping with his new soccer ball tonight. 

Night: Clancy FINALLY gave in to sleep. Here's hoping for a much more restful night. 

July 10 on 10: Stephanie

8am: my smoothie helper adding some kale into his breakfast smoothie
9am: the miracle for the day is that I got the living room to look this good
10am: at the mall playplace. This girl is obsessed with climbing.
11am: fell asleep on the way home because she has refused to sleep in her crib for two days.
noon: he is independent with the laptop mouse pad now. Hallelujah. Most days our routine is computer games (pbs kids) during June's first nap and a show during her second.
1pm: sibling hugs. They play together a lot these days.
2pm: I got some boxes packed today and now that I've started I'm reminded how big of a job it is. (we're moving at the end of the month, into another house we're renting)
3pm: dinner prep.
4pm: some mayhem.
5pm: went to go see if the rice was done cooking to find I hadn't plugged it in, so I plugged it in and made ramen to go with our - instead (so annoying!)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 10 on 10 : Stephanie

I'll leave off the time of day from my pictures because I didn't take one every hour, just when I remembered. (Some are within the same hour).

This is the start of every day: nursing June. I love when I get to see her bare belly, it's pretty darn cute. She's my alarm clock. Unfortunately for her, I hit the "snooze button" (turning on a white noise machine so I can sleep 20 min or so after she's already awake in her bed).

We have a crazy ant problem on our front walk. At the suggestion of a neighbor we turned it into a science activity and watched what they would do when we gave them cracker crumbs. This was all we did for school this day :)

And then Henry shot them with a water gun.

Lunch was a yummy greek-inspired wrap made from the greek side salad I had made the night before (plus hummus and spinach). I was pretty happy about it since most of meals consist of stealing bites from my kids' food as I'm prepping it.

I've put it off long enough but now it's time to clean this messy artist and her canvas (tray AND floor surrounding her). I have no idea how it can all look so clean in this picture because it wasn't.

She tipped over from sitting position (we don't judge, we only show compassion) and wants to tell you how she feels about it.

I love finding them like this.

I made granola bars.... er, granola bites/granola

None of these are even mine (watching three kids for a sister in the ward, the other three are neighbors). Thank goodness for movies that pacify a houseful of children.

June and this baby boy's relationship is a complicated one. In the end they were able to play next to each other and even display favorable interest in one another.

The last half hr of our day was spent at the park on our street. Aaah, I needed this.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10 on 10: Lisa

I'll spare everyone the images from first thing this morning where body fluid mayhem erupted throughout the house. Zach is sick and unfortunately the coughing makes him puke and Colin is two and thinks he needs to take off his own diaper. So after cleaning up after Zach and walking in to find Colin peeing through the rungs of his crib onto the carpet, I'd like to start this post with an endorsement for my favorite stain/odor remover:

7:30 - Nature's Miracle. After several pets and kids I can honestly say nothing works better at getting the gross out. 

8:30 - Last day of school for this kid!! Second grade here we come!

9:30 - This poor guy finally let himself GO to sleep. Let's hope Zachary will let himself STAY asleep for awhile. 

10:30 - Clancy loves hanging out in the Exercauser. He and Zach are still a little small for it, but with some strategic blanket placement they seem to be gettin the hang of it. 

11:30 - Colin LOVES these pajamas and wearing hats, so the two often go together. I've made multiple futile attempts to get him dressed today, but so far it's a losing battle. It's also time for Bubble Guppies which means this is about the only face he'll give me. 

12:30 - Colin insisted on using both his blue and green forks to eat his lunch today. 

1:30 - Zachary was so tired he couldn't even wait while I went to fetch a clean diaper. 

2:30 - thought I'd try out my new Zumba program in an effort to get back into shape. This was as far as I got however as both babies were soon screaming and  playing tag team blowouts. 

3:30 - Two sleeping babies. 

4:30 - Mani/Pedis to celebrate the end of school. Thankfully all the boys stayed asleep long enough we could have the time together. She is so excited about the alternating colors on her fingers. 

7:00ish - eating ice cream with the whole family. A fantastic way to end the day!

Hope you enjoyed our day. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 10 on 10 - Dad

8AM - Had Clara and Leah for a sleepover because we are going on a field trip today.
Clara was up before Leah.  I guess Leah was not feeling well.
In the truck on the way to the nursery to get our hanging baskets.  We stopped at Denny's for breakfast.
Clara having fun at the nursery.  This place is 1.5 hours north near the Canadian border.
Lots of plants to choose from.  We picked four hanging baskets.
The baskets in place.  They will last the whole summer.
Went to the mall to get the pants I ordered online.
Going home I choose the wrong route.  Got stuck in Saturday afternoon mall traffic.
It was Swiss night at our home.  Monica set up this display for our guests.
We decorated the deck with a banner of Swiss flags.
One of our Christmas gifts last year was a raclette oven.  This is used to melt a special cheese and is served with all kinds of add-ons.  

Guests included Monica and Jachen (of course), Brent and Katie (friends of Monica and Jachen) and Dennis and Peggy Hartup (not pictured)