Monday, January 12, 2015

January 10 on 10: Lisa

7:19 am - trying to will myself out of bed. This didn't motivate me. 

9:30 - at the vet for a follow-up visit for Harley. She's good and healthy now. 

10:30 - enjoying a quick trip to Target. Alyssa chose this spot for the picture. 

11:30 - finally fell asleep after fighting it for several grouchy minutes. (Zachary)

12:30 - Lunch 

2:00ish - saying good-bye to the jumper and Exercauser from the family room. Sad but exciting at the same time. 

4:30 - our empty looking space now. But it's clean and vacuumed for once. Yay! Colin also was riding his "skateboard".

5:30 - practicing walking. Both are getting very close!

6:30 - plumbing. Fixing the second handle in two months. One more bathroom to go. Maybe next month :). 

December 10 on 10: Lisa

8:30 - Alyssa is the Star Student this week so we put together a "Me Bag". I was proud that she wanted to take a picture of Jesus because it was one of her 5 most important things. They also have a holiday market at school so we sent some money so she could buy her family Christmas gifts. Can't wait to see what she picked out. 

9:30 - Clancy falling asleep in his high chair is his new favorite thing. 

10:30 - Zach loves it when Colin makes forts out if the couch cushions. 

11:30 - hangers and socks are the best toys

12:30 - lunchtime

5:30 - grumpy dinner time

Evening - playing around at the table. 

Evening - Zach practicing his theiving

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10 on 10: Stephanie

6am: reading scriptures by Christmas-tree light. I love to sleep in, but I love being up before the kids even more.

7am: Cleaning "command central" in order to procrastinate my workout. 

8am: moving Mary and Joseph one day closer to the stable.

9am: The kids and I took a "shower bath" where I shower and they bathe at my feet. Then they play a little longer while I finish getting ready, it's a great system.

10am: Preschool was at my house today. We do more than play with toys, I promise, and I wish I would have taken a picture during a cute activity instead!

11am: He's been asking me to read this Ninjago book since he woke up and now that the preschool kids are gone, I finally said yes.

noon: A fun math game.
I like the way June plays (just eating the chocolate chips straight from the bowl)

1pm: A walk before nap time, which took about 20 minutes even though all we did was walk about 8 houses down and back. Pokey little puppies.

2pm: We have a preschool Christmas party tomorrow night, I'm prepping the craft.

3pm: I for sure should be getting stuff done, but whoops, I'm watching SNL skits instead.

4pm: (11th hour?) texting back and forth with Rob:

November 10 on 10 :: Monica

6AM//We have a pretty systematic routine every morning. Setting out clothes for Jachen while he takes a shower.

Making Jachen's food for the day.

9AM//After taking Jachen to the bus, I slept for an hour and a half then got up, made a protein shake and headed to the gym. Baby belly.

10-11AM//Getting my new glasses sized then headed to Winco.

Sometime after 11...maybe noon//home to unload the car in the rain. So exciting to finally have La Croix again, Winco has the best price.

230PM-530//At my babysitting job. Olivia 3, Stella 1

Both girls fell asleep. I love days like this. Stella sleeps the best when I hold her...I used to try and get her to sleep in her crib, but gave up, would rather have her sleep as long as she needs. I need. :)

Driving home in traffic.

640PM-//After dinner Jachen went to his YM activity. I am finishing off the delicious Lindt dark chocolate peppermint chocolates while blogging while watching 7th Heaven...I just started watching this show and I am kinda addicted. ha.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10 on 10: Lisa

9:00 - breakfast. Today's menu mini banana/oatmeal/yogurt muffins and sliced fruit. Clancy was excited about it. 

Zachary on the other hand...

10:00 - the flooring installers came and started tearing out the floor we put in right after we moved. It had started to delaminate in several places around our house so after a hard fought battle they are replacing it at no cost to us. 

Needless to say, the rest of the day was very noisy - as will be the rest of the week. Ugh!

11:00 - Clancy likes to wrestle with Colin and in this case he may actually be winning. 

12:00 - Colin using his tools to help the flooring guys. 

1:00 - lunch, leftover taco soup. I'm avoiding dirtying any unnecessary dishes. 

2:00 - Clancy finally became too exhausted to fight sleep any longer. The banging didn't even bother him as I moved him upstairs to his own bed. 

2:30 - Fort building aka throwing to couch cushions around the family room. 

3:00 - in some fluke, all three boys fell asleep at the same time. I took the chance to get a bit of Gospel study in. 

3:10 - fluke only lasted about 10 minutes until Zachary woke up and needed to be with me. He then proceeded to burrow into the blanket and fall asleep briefly at the edge of my bed. This also was short lived. 

4:00 - Sissy's home from school!!!

6:00 - dinner. On the menu is grilled cheese. Clancy was also a big fan.