Monday, January 11, 2016

January 10 on 10: Lisa

Happy New Year!

7:15ish - And the day begins. Sunday mornings are usually a blur (much like this picture). We have church at 9:00 and it seems no matter how early we wake up or how prepared we are the night before, we rarely make it on time. Something we're working on this new year. 

12:30 - driving home from church. Winter has finally come in the form of snow, rapidly dropping temps, and lots of wind. Yay! 

1:30 - out on the road again to deliver some shelves we built at our youth activity last Wednesday night. 

3:30 - came home to this. Seahawks game on, Colin paying Legos and watching the Chipmunks without pants. Looks like a typical Sunday afternoon. 

4:00 - still snowing. 

5:30 - Jacob is proudly modeling his Seahawks gear. Go Hawks!

6:15 - turkey meatballs and choo choo wheel pasta for dinner. Zachy and Clancy are also excited to share that they have graduated to booster seats at the dinner table. While I think they like being right in the mix, it does make it a bit more likely that someone will have to dodge what's for dinner as it's getting thrown across the table. Love family dinners. 

6:45 - Clancy wanted in on the Hawks action. He also likes running around with his feeding pump strapped in his little backpack. 

The evening ended with lots of laughter as we watched America's Funniest Home Videos. A great way to end the day. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

December 10 on 10: Lisa

It's already been an eventful month, like most Decembers. A week ago the twins turned 2 years old! When I look at what was going on 2 years ago with the babies in the NICU and how far we've come I'm especially grateful during this wonderful season. 

So, today's events unfolded as follows:

8-10 - we got Alyssa off to school, dropped Colin at preschool, and went to the food bank to drop off some pasta our ward collected. 

10:00 - after all the earlier running around, we went to Target, like all the good preschool moms. Yes, they are still in pajamas, yes, that is a giant soda for 10 in the morning, and yes, both were totally justifiable this morning. 

Perhaps Santa may need to know how much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle undies are, just in case. 

12:00 - picking up Colin. He was so proud of the rheindeer ornament and the flower he made me for "happy Mother's Day". So so sweet. 

1:00 - Zachy's token selfie. 

And Colin didn't want to be left out. 

2:00 - with the twins down for a nap I've decided it's time to finish putting out our Christmas decorations. Our tree has been up and decorated for a while. While some might think it's odd to only decorate the top half of the tree, anyone with toddlers understands the wisdom in our ways. The tree skirt will likely not show this year nor will the gifts until Christmas Eve. 

I've also had the mantle ready to decorate for over a week. Here's the before:

3:00 - After. I didn't get out all my nativities this year but I think these turned out nicely. 

4:00 - some festive kitchen decor

Including one on our new fridge (!!!!!)

The stockings were hung out of their reach with care....

Testing out a panorama shot. 

5:30 - Alyssa wanted me to know she was feeling grumpy. 

And everyone tried to copy, but they were too happy with the snack food buffet they were eating for dinner.  

6:30 - we ended the evening with our scripture advent and some tasty kisses. I love Christmastime. 

November 10 on 10: Lisa

I never got around to uploading these from last month so I guess December's deal is a BOGO. 

Since we can't quite get our act together before Alyssa goes to school we'll start sometime between 9 and 10: heading to the store to get some essentials. 

While out my friend sent me a picture of this that I had ordered for another friend who just adopted a beautiful baby girl. I'm always amazed at how talented my friends are. 

11:00 - back from the store with 3 different types of milk: regular 2%, lactose free 2% and lactose free whole milk. Ahhhh!

12:00 refusing to take off their coats and eating some chips as their lunchtime appetizers. 

1:00 - Colin showing off his balancing skills. 

2:00 - admiring my raking work from the day before. Should you ever need an intense cardio workout, feel free to stop by our place in the fall. In less than two hours I burned nearly a day's worth of calories. 

3:00 - good thing it's raked because today we may be asked to start building and ark. 

3ish - Zachary woke up early from his nap and proceeded to maul me. 

4:00 - in the time it took for me to run upstairs to grab new pants for Zachary, these two pushed the high chair across the family room, Clancy climbed in, and Zachary is trying to join him. Ahhh!!!

5:00 - pretty sure I know how I feel about this coming home from the book fair. 

6:00 - the nightly decent into chaos. 

10:00 - went to bed to find this little peace offering. Alyssa had gotten into some trouble before bedtime and I often find things like this as her apology. Funny, sweet girl. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10 on 10: Stephanie

7am: walk with Alicia (on the phone)

8am: Glucose test! I've never minded it as much as I hear other women say they do, it's just like drinking 10 oz of orange popsicle, except that it hurts a little (but I have the feeling 10 oz of orange popsicle would also hurt a little).

9am: I spent the hour waiting for the blood draw for the glucose test watching the Today Show and reading a book, it was one of the best parts of my day!

10am: That's my bowl of cereal. This is what happens when I buy a "yummy" cereal (honey bunches of oats with almonds instead of our usual plain cheerios or bran flakes).

11am: She wrapped herself up in this cozy blanket, sat down and told me a sad story about her ninja mask not working. Mmm, k?

noon: See that snow in my hair (and that awesome look on my face)? It didn't stick because it had rained for hours prior, but this was a reminder for me that it's time for me to gear up for a good attitude about the cold and snow.

1pm: I later claimed this as my favorite part of the day: cleaning the living room. We're potty training June, so Sunday I covered the majority of the room with towels and blankets which were shortly joined by toys, crumbs, etc. Finally cleaning it all away and vacuuming made me feel so good! And the few accidents she had weren't in this room anyway!

3pm: This is called "eating my veggies." 

6pm: Reporting on the "best, worst and what we learned" from today (a tradition we are trying to get going). In this picture June is asking me what I learned. Last week June went to a trampoline place and loved it, so her answer to every question every day since then has been, "go to jumping place." She really only gets the "best" question and not the "today" part :)

7pm: big girl on the toilet! No accidents today (only three since Sunday!). But she still hasn't initiated going, she's just good at holding it until she's put on the toilet. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 10 on 10: Stephanie

Once again, I didn't make it to 10 pictures. I forgot to take pictures during the day. Missing: a baby shower, lunch with a friend, mid-day reading of my current book (while June napped and Rob took Henry to run errands... nice), and some grocery shopping.

June's "bed head" is often this layered long bob that a lot of women would ask their hair stylists for:)

We spent the morning at BYU's Homecoming parade. We love this parade - it's not too long, the kids get a lot of candy thrown to them and we get genuinly excited about seeing Cosmo (the mascot), the President of BYU, the parade grand marshal and other honorees that are often someone we recognize - a past professor, or prominent individual from Provo or from the Church, and the various dancing groups. And then there are the groups that elicit the insincere cheers (but, cheers nonetheless) like when we yell "yay school of accounting!"

The Alumni float - represent! I may or may not have gotten emotional as this float went by (and other floats). I just love BYU.

Chomping on some candy.

Later that night we enjoyed our weekly tradition of pizza and a movie.