Monday, May 11, 2015

MAY 10 on 10 // MONICA

6am//I LOVE 6am. That's when it turns light outside and it lights up our bedroom, and I think to myself "yay, i did the night and now its day time!" This is how baby sleeps, right next to me.

7am//early bath with me this morning cus Jachen planned to skype family early. Baths really have been helping my body heal, and him with me is such a little treat. He is so calm and serene.

He LOVES his daddy.

8am//Skype call with Jachen's mom

830am//Skype call with his grandparents. (his aunt and uncle too) Jachen rarely has seen his granddad smile, this was one of those times. His grandma emailed after we had the baby about how granddad was bragging to friends that he is going to be a great granddad. Which is something very unlike him to do.

9am//Jachen made me breakfast. So me and baby ate breakfast in bed. :)

10?//Jachen said to me "go do something, I get baby" and then snuggled him and took a rest with him

11ish//My one request for Mother's Day was that Jachen take the nail polish off my toes and fingers and then repaint my toenails. It was driving me nuts!

Sometime that afternoon after lots of feeding, and such

3ish//I cleaned some dishes and then started the pasta salad for our mothers day picnic

3ish 4 ish//Watched a little Star Wars

4ish//more feeding

5//family mothers day picnic. He slept the whole time and got passed around. Had a lot of fun, besides when the bird in the tree above pooped on my pant leg! Nasty!

I realized that now I have a kid in there and will have to participate in picture taking again.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 10 on 10: Stephanie

Ten pictures from my wonderful Mother's Day:

Writing letters to my kids - I'm planning on it being a Mother's Day tradition, but we'll see.

Blowing on my belly.

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 10 on 10: Stephanie

This month post is a departure from the normal 10 on 10 format. This is the top 10 things we did with my parents last week! My mom and dad came on Friday morning, my dad left earlier than my mom who stayed until today (I wrote this on the 10th).

In no particular order:

1. Easter:
In the morning we had a short "devotional" which led to opening a small box of candy filled eggs and a gift. It was nice to have their Grandparents able to watch as they opened the goodies. We all enjoyed a special breakfast before settling down for General Conference. That evening we had our good family friends (the Farmers) over for dinner. They hid eggs for the kids in the back yard. It was a short but fun Easter egg hunt! Both kids were super into it, and Henry was able to be super into it while still letting his sister find her eggs.

2. Reading lots of books with Papa and Grandma.
My parents were able to witness Henry's particular affinity for Piggie and Elephant books. My mom bought him another one... so that's all we've been able to read to him since she left:)

3. Visiting BYU campus.
My mom also told Henry she wanted to buy him a BYU ball cap. The above cap is the one he picked out and the only one he wanted. I have no idea why. He was pretty sad when I wouldn't let him have it, but I hope no one reading this blames me.

4. My mom coordinated a long-distance matching shirt day between all the boy cousins that have the same shirt- a shirt she gave them all at Christmas time. Lisa had texted her pictures of her three boys wearing the shirt, so we dressed Henry in the same and my mom texted Alicia and Natalie to dress their boys in it. Alicia said Xander already happened to be wearing his! (not sure if that's true... Alicia?). It was fun for us grown-ups.
And these awesome attempts at getting three boys into one picture by Lisa (Colin, Zachary and Clancy)

5. Yummy lunches with Grandma, including this picnic

6. "Grandma school"
I came back home from running an errand to find my mom and Henry engaged in a math lesson. In that time my mom successfully taught Henry teen number recognition.

7. Pizza buffet.
On her last night here, we went out to a pizza buffet restaurant with my mom. It was a lot of fun. My mom was extra excited because the restaurant has gluten free crust that was actually really delicious. The kids and adults all got ate too much.

8. Walks with Grandma
The weather wasn't all that stellar while my parents were here but there were enough sunny days that we got in a few good walks. This walk was to the duck pond on (or just off?) campus.

9. Date night!
We left the kids with my mom and enjoyed a date night: dinner, frozen yogurt and... thrift store shopping!

10. Bonneville Salt Flats
I said this list was in no particular order, but it looks like #10 is the best. We picked up my parents from the airport and headed out to the Salt Flats near Wendover. It was a long drive but really worth it. We enjoyed eating at a good Mexican restaurant then walked around on the salt flats. It was quite cool (temperature and otherwise). It was difficult, however, to convince Henry that the salt wasn't snow.

I hope it shows that we had a really good time with my parents during their visit - because we did! Thanks for visiting us, we love you and can't wait to see you again!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 10 on 10: Lisa

9:00 - someone desperately needed a bath. Who knew soap could make him so happy

10:00 - Clancy is getting very good at standing on his own and even doing some walking. He even surprises himself most days. 

10:30 - showered. 

11:00 - playing blocks with Nana. 

12:00 - Clancy is mad about lunch

Zachary is a little more excited about his veggie straw. 

1:00 - Spiderman is hanging out while the boys are napping. 

2:00 - spring flowers

3:00 - he is looking way too grown up these days

4:00 - home from school and playing fashion show with the new shirt Nana brought. 

5:00 - the sun came out. Yay!