Thursday, June 11, 2015

JUNE 10 on 10 // MONICA

730 am, happy as can be! I love how he is so happy in the morning.

830ish out on a morning walk. He fell asleep on the walk.

9ish while he continued sleeping, I took a body shower and shaved my legs. Gotta get those things in!

9ish, I think, getting mr man ready for the day

10ish, after feeding him it was my turn to get dressed. He likes sitting up on a pillow. He thinks its pretty cool.

11ish, after another quick feeding we left the house and went to Nordstrom to pick up my bra that was made into a nursing bra! And to exchange my Birkenstocks for different ones. The ones I ordered arrived with lots of glue showing, and I am not going to pay for expensive shoes if it looks cheap with glue!

12ish, At Target, he slept so good I took my sweet time. New Birkenstocks.

Late 1ish, Vade hung out while I put away cloth diaper laundry

2ish, Looked at some books, he looks like such a big boy! 

...and we looked at his toys. He got this one from mom on his birth day at the hospital.

...And lots of smiling and talking to his mama.
5ish, after some feeding and nap time we headed to third place books to meet Jachen from the bus and shared our favorite sandwich. mmmmm. Our first time eating out with baby, and he did great! 

7ish, after dinner, I sat and fed babe in the car til 7 when we went into Barnes & Noble and listened to our favorite Joe Cross speak! Love him.

8ish, I held standing (not enough seats) baby asleep in my Solly Wrap the for over an hour and I WAS DYING. My back was killing me and  we were sweating and I was starving, cus i forget I need to eat more sometimes, sharing that dinner wasn't enough for me! So I handed baby over to Jachen for the last of the Joe Cross class.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10 on 10: Lisa

7:00 - at our follow-up Audiology appointment. Clancy failed the hearing portion of his speech evaluation a few weeks ago so here we are at yet another appointment. Don't worry. He hears just fine. 

This is what we both think of the audiology booth. 

8:15 - Came home to a pretty normal morning. Alyssa and Jacob had just left for work/sports camp and I forgot to grab a picture before they left. 

Colin tried several times to smile and keep his eyes open when I took his picture. He must be a Farrar :). 

9:00 - cleaning up the Pediasure Peptide from Clancy's feeding. His tube and the feeding bag disconnected, spilling the formula (and everything else he had in his stomach) all over the floor. Yum!

10:00 - still working on potty training. When naked, he has no accidents. Wearing underwear is a license to pee. Please let him figure this out since we can't send him to preschool bare from the waist down. (Also, while Colin was with us the entire day, including nap time, he will be absent from most pictures due to his lack of clothing)

This is Colin's photo of me "being a mom" aka asking for my phone back before he starts dialing at random again. 

11:00 - Zachy hiding behind the couch so I can't change his diaper. 

What Clancy was doing on the porch while I was chasing Zachary. That's the electrical outlet box he's standing on, btw. 

12:00 - maybe he's hungry?

I guess I should feed them lunch. 

1:00 - nap time!!!!

2:00 - having a quiet moment with Harley before starting on the day's chores. 

3:00 - I really do feed my family solid foods in spite of what the dirty dishes tell me. 

4:00 - chicken pot pie filling ready to go. (Jacob is mortified I'd post this showing our dirty stove.)

5:30 - everybody is home! I told Alyssa no one would confuse her for a deer during hunting season. She didn't understand my joke. 

Zachary was especially excited to see Jacob.... much in fact, some of his excitement leaked out.

And on that note, I hope you enjoyed our day. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

March 10 on 10: Stephanie (old)

I just found these over on my other blog. March 2014

Monday, May 11, 2015

MAY 10 on 10 // MONICA

6am//I LOVE 6am. That's when it turns light outside and it lights up our bedroom, and I think to myself "yay, i did the night and now its day time!" This is how baby sleeps, right next to me.

7am//early bath with me this morning cus Jachen planned to skype family early. Baths really have been helping my body heal, and him with me is such a little treat. He is so calm and serene.

He LOVES his daddy.

8am//Skype call with Jachen's mom

830am//Skype call with his grandparents. (his aunt and uncle too) Jachen rarely has seen his granddad smile, this was one of those times. His grandma emailed after we had the baby about how granddad was bragging to friends that he is going to be a great granddad. Which is something very unlike him to do.

9am//Jachen made me breakfast. So me and baby ate breakfast in bed. :)

10?//Jachen said to me "go do something, I get baby" and then snuggled him and took a rest with him

11ish//My one request for Mother's Day was that Jachen take the nail polish off my toes and fingers and then repaint my toenails. It was driving me nuts!

Sometime that afternoon after lots of feeding, and such

3ish//I cleaned some dishes and then started the pasta salad for our mothers day picnic

3ish 4 ish//Watched a little Star Wars

4ish//more feeding

5//family mothers day picnic. He slept the whole time and got passed around. Had a lot of fun, besides when the bird in the tree above pooped on my pant leg! Nasty!

I realized that now I have a kid in there and will have to participate in picture taking again.