Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dad's 10 on 10 for June

The day starts out with watering the garden.
Around 6AM.

Breakfast - last night's left over pizza.
It was pretty good actually...
whole wheat flat bread, feta cheese, grilled asparagas

Work day starts out by getting correspondence ready
for the post office.  Note letter to Monica.

Post office in Lynnwood

Your mom is treating her students to lunch.
I am the delivery man.

McDonald's makes them happy.

Can you guess?

Later on a stop at the bank was needed.
I don't know her name 'cause she is new.

The trailer has been full of trash for several weeks
so I decided to get to the dump.

In the evening I visited one of my home teaching families...
the Rhynards.  This is their daughter's car after
a collision with a Dodge Ram pick up.
Amazingly, no serious injuries.
The photo is from last Saturday morning.


Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Thanks for doing this. I love seeing peoples days.

YUM, I love left over pizza for breakfast.

Whoa that kid is holding a large soda, those kids should all have happy meals! I can't wait til McDonalds is cheaper...well as long as we dont go there too often, then we have a problem.

Something in a fish tank?

How did you get that bank girl to smile and wave without being creeped out?!

That accident picture is freaky. Which Rhynard girl was it? Good thing everyone was safe...looks bad.

Thanks for posting!

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting! Our best guess for your mystery picture is a car wash. Alyssa likes the pinwheel in your garden. Hopefully next month will be a better 10th an we can get our stuff up.