Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10 on 10: Stephanie

I'm so proud that I remembered to take pictures ALL day long so I'm just going to go ahead and post more than 10 this month!

9am: kids are totally ready for the day in the 9 o'clock hour. Miracles happen. Also, they're calmly and nicely playing with one another.

10am: Just like Dad

11am: Funny faces on the way to Target (getting out of the house is kind of a big deal - yesterday we didn't leave at all)

noon: I didn't take this pic for the blog, I took it to send to Rob and Monica for their opinion about the hat. Monica said, "yes!" Rob said it was too "Blossom." I didn't end up buying it but I think I'll risk the Blossom reference and get it next time I'm at Target. 


3pm: reading with the kiddos before their quiet time

Also 3pm: While the kiddos have quiet time I'm getting the next size of clothes (3 months) ready for my growing baby and watching some YouTube videos 

4pm: Baby legs on the baby legs (nursing)

5pm: Snapchats of the baby, a fun pass time of Rob and Henry's. This one is "Jail Baby"

Also 5pm: Rob took the kids away as I was making dinner - and this is the result: clean kitchen right before dinner begins (food is on the table)! Another 10 on 10 miracle.

6pm: popsicle dessert in the front yard.

Also 6pm: we went on what was supposed to be a quick walk around the block but we stopped to spend time with neighbors' pets.

7pm: Henry is making a video of opening his new Skylander, you will not see it on YouTube

9pm: Rob sent me this picture from campus where he went back to work tonight... this is the stressed look of a PhD student whose dissertation deadline was moved up. I'm so thankful for all his hard work, dedication and sacrifice! Thanks for making a promising future for us, honey!


Lisa said...

So many good 10 on 10 miracles. Who says Blossom is a bad thing. We can all sport our fun new sun hats this summer 😀

monica said...

Too bad my head doesnt fit in those sun hats. Seriously, I try. So dumb.

Why wont that video be on the youtube channel???


Great day!
Sorry Rob, hard work now will be soooo nice in the "end"...aka when youre rolling in dough. (is that the right spelling of the word?)

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