Friday, June 10, 2016

June 10 on 10: Lisa

I think today's caption should read: "The Honeymoon is Over." Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation and the kids got along great! I was so hopeful. Let's just say today was not so nice. 

6:15 - received my daily wake up call with Colin letting me know which Lego set he wants next. 

7:30 - ready for his big day!

...While these two were stuck on the couch. 

8:00 - we've been experimenting reading our scriptures and scripture stories during breakfast to see if it helps everyone get along better throughout the day. 

9:00 - Zachary was mad because I wouldn't let him throw the letters from the letter puzzle into the fireplace so he decided to kick the rest of the toys. 

Clancy felt sorry for the toys. 

10:00 - we reviewed our summer house rules, as we forgot them very quickly. 

And I finally put together our responsibility chart. 

I had hoped to post lots of pictures of everyone enjoying some fun outside in our backyard - but after multiple incidents including some biting and lots of tears we decided maybe separating the crew may be best. 

1:00 - down for a nap. Don't let them fool you. They aren't going to sleep. 

1:30 - deciding which messy pile on my desk I need to tackle first. 

2:00 - saved from cleaning and organizing by Colin needing my help. 

3:00 - Clancy found Alyssa's giant Dora pillow. He's showing you the Map. 

Zachary likes the toys again. 

3:30 - Dora needed to hang out on my head. What's not pictured here are three boys climbing and jumping all over me to make sure she stayed on my head. Ugh. 

4:00 - this is our neighbor's pool. Most of today included two teenage boys and a flirty teenage girl splashing, squealing and screaming. While I'm happy they were having fun, I do miss my quiet afternoons. 

Alyssa decided she was going to hide out in the basement. Probably wise. 

5:00 - slam dunk!

5:30 - a gourmet dinner of pb&j for the boys and cereal for Alyssa. Yum! You'll also notice we have no doors on our cabinets. We're in the middle of trying to paint them. Maybe by the next 10 on 10 we'll actually be done. 

7:00 - the day ended with a surprise flyover from this hot air balloon. A nice and peaceful way to end the day. 


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