Thursday, November 27, 2008

my quick gratitude list

A - Arrested Development
B - books on cd
C - curry
D - duvet cover
...I promise, not all of these are shallow...
E - education
F - family
G - Gospel
H - husband
I - in-laws
J - Jake N' Bake (aka. Jake your booty)
K - kitchen aid
L - Leah
M - make-over shows
N - new babies in the family
O - Obama
P - parents
Q - Queen Elizabeth (not really)
R - Relief Society
S - sisters
T - Team Nyland
V - vacation from work
W - Weight Watchers
X - nothing really starts with X
Z - or Z


Natalie said...

What a great list! you forgot Y...and your not thankful for Xbox and zebras?

jacob said...

"O" for Obama. Two thoughts on that:
1. You have talking to Joseph too much.
2.I am telling Dad on you.