Monday, January 14, 2013

Tacher Family 10 on 10

Sorry this is late, but I have finally posted my January 10 on 10. Don't get too excited, it was a super boring day.  But here it is for all to enjoy!  And it is really only 8 on 10 this time, sorry.

 After Leah left for School, this is what Clara did....played with squinkies and princesses. She played so nice so that I could do below:

Pay bills!  Fun for me, balancing the checkbook, bills.....boring.

Now that the bills are done, it's time to get on the phone.  Spent the hour on the phone dealing with health insurance stuff.  Very boring.

After lunch we had some ice cream, yum.  Clara can't seem to lick a cone without getting it all over her mouth.

I spent this hour waiting for my appt with the OBGYN.  Waited for 50 minutes, for a 6 minute visit. Lame.

This is snow/rain.  Hard to tell.  In real life it looked like snow.  Clara was very excited about it, me, not so much.

 Leah is home from School.  She wanted to show off her new shoes we got the day previous.  Her very first pair on Converse.  They are a shiny silver.  She looks so grown up in them.

  Making Spaghetti Pie for dinner.  Lots of cheese. 

The rest of the day was spent eating dinner, cleaning up, playing with the girls, and getting ready for bed.  Not too exciting of a day. 


stephanie said...

The typical day IS a boring day (in my life anyway), but hopefully you were able to pause and appreciate some things abt it since you had to document it. However, not much to appreciate about the weather and your awfully long wait for your appt!!

I love the picture of Clara and the ice cream!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

great thanks! love seeing pics of your day no matter how boring YOU think it is.

clara is so cute. that night jachen and i were over there babysitting i was playing those toys with clara and her little toy talking voice is so cute.

yum, i want an ice cream cone! the ice cream here is a joke!

i LOVE the converse, good job. but just remember when it snows her feet will freeze in them. at first i thought her pants were wayyyy to short for her. ha...but then i realized she was holding them up for the picture. funny.

i want shepards pie. WAHH WAHH