Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 ON 10: Februar//Monica

///1030 Ward Conference, but Jachen is sick so we arrived after the first hour. I needed to be there for nursery and Jachen needed someone{Peter} in the ward to fill out a form for us. Look how sick Jachen looks, the poor guy. PS. Jachen is now back to fitting in his wedding pants...the pants he is wearing for church. They were a bit too snug until a few weeks ago.  photo church_zpsd48cfec2.jpg
I forgot to take a picture during nursery.

///NOON When we got home from church Jachen had a little funeral for his old scarf. Some nice words were said.  photo photo-9_zps77e8f631.jpg
///1300 Lunch. I eat like a kid.  photo photo-10_zpsacd32cf2.jpg
///1330-1500 I took a nap and Jachen read "speeches" as he called it...aka conference talks. Jachen was supposed to wake me after a half hour and a half later... photo afternoon_zps5c448999.jpg
///1500 There is lots and lots of planning involved in our getting the Visa and plans to know when to tell his company and when to tell our landlords...while I was sleeping Jachen made a tentative schedule. We then discussed the Visa process, man that process is confusing!  photo photo-3_zps8ac6adf3.jpg
///1600 Made chocolate chip cookies. Made only half a batch. Good thing because turns out a half is plenty.---They turned out tasty but kinda ugly.  photo cookies_zpsdece01b4.jpg
///1700 For the Visa process, we needed to translate a few proof of address documents.
He translated, I wrote. We have to send these forms, amongst others, to the UK in order to get a police certificate from there saying that Jachen has no criminal record from the 2 years he lived there. It's pretty ridiculous how much info they need for that. {the form Peter from church had to fill out today is part of that...he needed someone who wasn't related to him, but has known him for 2 years to validate that Jachen is who he says he is} photo photo-11_zpsfb91ea55.jpg

Forgot to photograph our taco soup dinner. oh well. We also skyped the Nylands.
That was our Sunday.

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Natalie said...

Poor Jachie. We had Ward Conference too on Sunday! But me and Clara stayed home cause she was really sick. Hope he is feeling better by now. Ya, you do eat like a kid, funny.