Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 10 (12) on 10: Stephanie (Henry)

So, here are a couple more than ten pictures of our Sunday... and they're all of Henry

9am: naked-bummed Henry trying on shoes. I want him in the tub, so I haven't put a new diaper on him yet, but he has other ideas
10am: finally in the tub, cooking.
11am: Watching Beauty and the Beast while I plan the next few weeks of FHE. Check out his snazzy before-church-clothes outfit. I don't want him to get his church clothes dirty (we have church at 1pm) but I want him to be warm, so we usually end up with something like this. The shoes are his addition - he wanted to wear them all morning long, I think because he could put them on himself (refer to the naked bum picture)
noon: family lunch - tuna melts, carrots dipped in hummus and oranges. It's a meal right out of the Sundays of my childhood.
4pm: playing with "light sabers." They are pieces to a play mat that we were just given and Henry has found all sorts of uses for them. Here, his idea was to carry it under his chin, and Dad is giving it a try too.
5pm: no nap on Sunday has resulted in this the last couple of weeks - falling asleep on the short drive to Grandma's
almost 6pm: still asleep, even after moving him to this position with his head dangling off my lap to try to wake him.
6pm: making dinosaur noises at the end of dinner with Papa. 
I I have a few 7pm pictures: Clara and Leah's pretty nails that Grandma painted. And Grandma saying goodbye to Henry.

 8pm: back home and about to go to bed, after a little video game time with Dad.

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Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

cute. and very cute picture of you holding sleepy henry. man i miss family dinners.