Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Old Man's 10 on 10

Sunday starts early in my world

Like to start the day by reading - this story is about the Utah high school basketball team that has many star players going on missions after they graduate. 

The ward building at sunrise
The ward building around mid-day
Michael Rhynard and I doing our PH duties

Set up for dinner - theme is Breakfast for Dinner

We were talking about preparing the garden for this season.  This is Leah's reaction when we explained what manure is.

Yummy dinner just about over

Clara's self-imposed exile (it did not last long)

All are gone - quiet once again

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Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

this is great! so happy you do this...every once in a while. YIKES you wake up early on Sundays...that shouldn't be allowed...but at least you are blessed for it. LOVE that face you captures of Leah. haha. Good job taking a family picture. Good to see your day!