Friday, January 10, 2014

January 10 on 10: Stephanie

I forgot AGAIN abt this all day today. Here are the pictures I did get and like last month, they aren't taken once an hour and there aren't ten of them. But at least it's a glimpse of my day. 

Baking soda and vinegar volcanoes. 
My cutest little baby girl, all matchy matchy with her pink and aqua. 
Henry goes to the library just for the iPods they have there. Look how cute he is in his big boots. Cute or maybe ghetto. 
My screen-obsessed son. He found the only technology in our our house that doesn't have a password- the iPod we use as June's sound machine in her crib. 
My partner as I get some work done. My toddler engages in too much screen time and my baby sits on the table. Reality. 
My super hero.
My family saying bye to me for the evening. 
I spent my evening with the YW- a sleepover without the sleeping over. As I type this it's my turn to get my hair curled. I'll be here until 11pm!

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Lisa said...

Love the reality! I'm pretty sure June has better fashion sense than I do. Thanks for sharing.