Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 10 on 10: Lisa

Unfortunately, this month's routine isn't that much different than December's. But I'll spare you all the shots of different breast pumps. Here's our day. 

8:00 - All ready for school and trying to keep warm. This is the first day back after the break due to three snow days in a row. 

9:00 - Trying to catch up on putting the clean laundry away. It moved from the foot of my bed and various other piles in our room to the edge of the tub. Progress is progress, right?

10:00 - Tantrum

11:00 - driving to the hospital in a heat wave compared to earlier in the week. No, the photo was not taken while I was driving. (Nor was it taken at 11:00 for that matter.)

12:00 - Holding Clancy while he is being fed. They both still get most of their meals through the feeding tube in their nose (the orange one). But Zachary is starting to slow down his breathing enough to try and nurse. 

1:00 - Holding Zachary after he ate. He actually nursed this feeding and even though he didn't get a whole lot, he managed some which is a big deal in these parts. 

And another of Clancy playing with his pacifier. Both boys graduated to sleep sacks and clothes this week. The little "doll" above Clancy is a Schneuglie (not certain of the spelling). I sleep with it or keep it in my shirt for a bit so it has my smell and then they keep them in their isolettes. 

2:00 - spit up. 

3:00 - lunch in the hospital cafeteria. The NICU gives moms two $6 lunch cards if they bring in breast milk for their babies. I'm so appreciative, as it would cost us quite a bit everyday to eat. 

4:00 - More snuggling with Clancy. Sometimes he is able to go without Oxygen support when I hold him. Today wasn't one of those days. 

5:00 - no photo as I was on the road. Safety first!

6:00 - treating ourselves to pizza and eating it at the restaurant. Colin also has learned how to smile for the camera. 

And that was the day....


Mary said...

I had no idea about the babies! I was at BYU with Natalie and Alicia and love the whole family so much that this blog is in my feed. I'm pumping right now at work and got teary-eyed up seeing those sweet faces. I am thinking of you and wish you the best of luck.

Nancy said...

Hi, I'm Stephanie's friend. :)

I just wanted to wish you good luck in the NICU as well! You seem to be holding it together so well (I, on the other hand, was a complete basket case).

That's awesome about your hospital's food vouchers-for-breastmilk program. That stuff is liquid gold as it is!

Anyway, you seem to be doing well—everybody's cheering for you!