Thursday, April 11, 2013

APRIL 10 on 10 for the TACHERS

Here is our 10 on 10.  We didn't quite get all the photos we needed throughout the day, but here is a little peak into our day.


Getting shoes on to go drive to the bus stop. Clara is really into wearing these boots everyday.


Waiting in the car for the bus cause it is raining.


Story time at the Library.  We go every Wednesday to hear story time.  This is a momentous occasion because Clara is actually sitting with the other kids to listen to the story (see there in the grey polka dots).  We have been going since September, and this is the first time she has done that.  She is usually too shy and just sits by me.  So a big deal for her! 

Play dough afterwards.

Then off to the computer.  She loves to get on it and play a little Dora game.  The funny thing is she only plays for about 10 minutes then loses interest...which is nice.  We didn't check out anything today, I didn't feel like carrying the heavy bag up the stairs (I have a hard time walking these days)


Had to do our Trader Joes shopping after the library.  Clara found the hidden crab and is pointing to it.  She gets a sucker for finding it.  She was an excellent helper today!


Finally got home so we could eat lunch.  PB & Honey for Clara, her favorite.


Clara getting cozy on the couch to watch some shows so mom could take a nap.  Thank goodness for the TV babysitter.  I had to conserve my energy for Activity Day Girls tonight, so a nap was a must.  I hate naps, but lately have been really needing them.


After school snack with Leah.  Some of our Trader Joes cinnamon sticks and cheesy chips, yum. Lovely face Clara!


I forgot to take a photo of dinner prep....Biscuit Pizza tonight!  Yum!  Only eat that stuff on rare occasions.  But here is how I ended my Activity Day Girls.  We were sewing aprons.  Mom came to help sew, but didn't get her in the photo.

Then I came home and crashed.  I should of taken a photo of my swollen month!!


stephanie said...

Looks exhausting for how tired I know you've been feeling these days! Good job, Clara, for being a big girl at story time! Your story time is cooler than ours, we don't get to play with playdoh!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

so proud of clara for being brave! man that girl is shy!

both girls look so pretty...especially that picture of Leah in the car waiting for the bus.


Lisa said...

Looks like a fun day (and a bit exhausting). Alyssa thought it was funny you had to wait for the bus in the car because it was raining. Yep, she's a Florida kid! Thanks for hating your day!