Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dad's contribution to the 10 on 10 picture album.

Sweet and sour at lunch at MOD Pizza.
Main course, beverage and dessert.  I brought the dessert from California.

My lunch date trying out one of the tasty French macaroons.

Finally after 20 years using an office chair that I bought used, I got a new chair.

One of the guys target shooting at the weekly event at the Marysville Gun Club

This is what we shoot at 50 feet away with 22 caliber pistols.

The Bishop and I visited the scouts on their campout.  They went to Cascade Park.  Pictured is Calvin Quinton.

Calvin and Adrian Hartup enjoying a foil dinner.

These are the bunkhouses (cabins) at Cascade Park.

My new office chair which I am sitting in while doing this post.  Very comfy.


Lisa said...

Yay for a new chair. Looks like a fun day!!!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

it was fun having lunch with you and picking out a new chair!