Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10 on 10: Lisa

Another strange 10th of the month. Zachary came home last Tuesday (Yay!!!) but Clancy has since stopped eating. Since the twins have gotten so old, today we had to start discussing options to get him home. So, plan is for Clancy to be transferred to the main children's hospital NICU where we can discuss putting a feeding tube into his belly. Sort of a rough day, but some good things too. Here's a glimpse:

Sometime before 6:00 am:

8:30: Alyssa hops on the bus. 

Sometime between 9 and noon: Hanging out with Clancy. He looks so handsome without his NG tube that he has once again yanked out. 

Later in the afternoon: Oreo face and low-riders. We like to keep it classy here in Ohio. 


Around 5:00: not sure but I think the dwarves got into Snow White's closet. 

6:00: Pizza night...again. But, it was fun to all be home for once. Poor Colin has far too many of his sister's hand-me-downs. 

7:00: S'mores for dessert (or "s'nores" as Alyssa calls them) 

Hope you enjoyed our day. 


stephanie said...

Oh man, sorry abt the Clancy drama! We'll pray that the right decisions are made for his care (I know the feeding tube decision is a big one).

So funny to see Colin in the dress up clothes. Add long hair to the Oreo face and low riders ;)

Have fun with Papa and Grandma!

Nancy said...

Oh, man! That's so hard—having one twin in and one twin out. I've never had twins, but I saw several twins separated and I'm sure you feel like you're been torn in a million directions (that's how I felt and I didn't even have twins—just a NICU babe with two more at home).

I'll join in prayers for Clancy as well.

Natalie said...

The babes are so cute! So jealous that mom & dad get to be with you tomorrow. Maybe Colin thinks he's a princess cause his hair is so long! jk. Have mom cut it while she is out there. I love him all dressed up, I think Mark would freak out if the girls did that to Elijah....so glad to see Jacob fine with it. It's fun for sisters to dress up little brothers!! Miss you guys!